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A key element of the European Higher Education Area reforms, which is on a global scale and where Turkish higher education is working to achieve harmony, is to ensure quality-oriented improvement in learning and teaching. Among the most important goals of the digital universities that train digital generations is the high employability of the graduates in the labor markets. more ...

Fenerbahce University


Social Facilities

In addition to quality education, we also offer environments that will count the success of our students with our social facilities ...


Technical Capacity

Not only in the classrooms, but also in the technical areas where the technological facilities are suitable for the course content...



Record participation and satisfaction rate in the first year of starting education ...


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Our faculty is composed of International Finance and both Turkish and English programs of Political Science and International Relations departments. The programs of our faculty, which deals with the economic and social developments with the possibilities of digital revolution under the umbrella of...
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Faculty of Communications
Our faculty aims to graduate its students competent in communication field, equipped to adapt to the developments in the world, conducting R & D studies for the use of artificial intelligence in the field of communication, realizing joint projects for integrating the internet into communication...
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Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Our faculty consists of Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Departments. The Department of Computer Engineering is formed by taking into consideration the national and regional labor force requirements as well as the...
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Faculty of Health Sciences
The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation aims to be a department that can have a voice in national and international areas, is productive, protective, corrective, enhancer, respects professional values, acts in accordance with ethical principles in scientific data and evidence-based...
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Faculty of Sport Sciences
FBU Sports Sciences Faculty, founded on the facilities located in Ataşehir and Kızıltoprak Dereağzı campuses, aims to raise the quality of education in the field of sports sciences, and aims to develop innovative, directing, participatory students in the field of sports technologies.The...
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