Foreign Languages Department

Fenerbahce University, which aims at raising individuals who are qualified, social, beneficial and competent in global platforms, has set up a Foreign Language Preparatory School in order to prepare for the programs taught in foreign languages. Two (2) Half-Term language courses are offered for students enrolled in foreign language programs or who apply for the on-demand language training.

Our education system, updated with continuous integration of applications and practices, which are adherent to international standards, skill-based and innovative, is implemented by a dynamic, expert and experienced academic staff in foreign language education. Effective language use in the language education of the students is prioritized, during and after the training period, students are provided with knowledge, accumulation and competencies to ensure that they meet the communication requirements successfully in their professional life and multicultural interactions.

In addition to the creation of the most appropriate physical environment in terms of foreign language acquisition in the process of education, it is aimed to present necessary supportive approaches in the mother tongue, and it is aimed to help gain advanced foreign language skills by providing comparative transfer of languages and intercultural relations. At the same time, international educational opportunities such as Erasmus and Student Exchange Programs will be offered to enable students to have experience abroad, to recognize themselves in different cultures and lifestyles and to use the language learned effectively.

In the process of foreign language education, activities that support educational practices of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills of the students are carried out in the classroom and outside the classroom; the students are approached with a holistic perspective and the effects of cultural social and sports activities on the learning life are taken into consideration. Effective participation of students in the educational process in the classroom is supported. In addition to academic success and in-class activities, regular physical exercise is supported in order to keep each student's learning performance at a high level, and it is necessary to take active part in various cultural and social activities.

In order to carry out the learning process in the most efficient way, the most up-to-date technological facilities are incorporated in Education and Training in convenient ways. The linguistic development of each student in the education process is closely monitored through the exams in which various communicative skills are evaluated. By providing necessary incentives and warnings, the process aims that the student is aware of his / her personal progress during the year and the problems that may occur is proactively solved.

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