Department of Architecture

Department of Architecture

Architecture is a deep-rooted profession which is shaped by bringing together scientific, technical and aesthetic concepts about people and life on a very different scale and scope in order to design, conserve and pass on to the future generations.

Our program is planned to train qualified architects who have theoretical and practical background, follow technological developments and use them effectively, adopt universal design principles, make use of resources efficiently, research and produce contemporary and original products. Along with the architectural profession’s suitability for interdisciplinary cooperation, our goal is to enable our graduates to work in various fields and to become architects that make a difference.

Our graduates, who are considered as architects, are intended to be individuals with entrepreneurial and leadership qualities who consider their profession as multidimensional, have a historical and social awareness, and attach importance to ethical principles. Our students will have the right to step into their careers as professionals who have high communication, management and design skills and who produce solutions to the individual and social needs in different scales in the most efficient way. They will have the authority and responsibility to make designs in Turkey and around the world.

The architect touches life in every sense and shapes it. Architecture includes many actions related to perception, analysis and interpretation. Designs are carried out in the field of today's needs and innovations in professional applications.

Architecture encourages research and exploration for this purpose. Each design is a unique value in its field by itself. Therefore, architectural education must be original. It is important to educate the architects as professionals who can think outside the box, question, criticize and create awareness by combining technical and aesthetic information.

Architectural education provides the opportunity to acquire equipment that will reflect the way of life with a current and up-to-date professional gain. Its relationship with the branches of art and its adaptability with business environments in various areas make architecture different and special.

Architecture provides the opportunity to use the imagination, science and technology in the same field while providing numerical and verbal skills. At the same time, it makes emphasis on focusing on the problem, offering different solutions, discussing and self-expression. The ability to analyze and synthesize in the field of profession is important, different perspectives are developed at each step. The architect is responsible for all living things, the city, the environment, society and the laws. In the harmony with the historical and cultural environment, he/she has to design and produce within the framework of respecting to all disciplines without departing from the understanding of protection. It is also important to participate in working life as contemporary architects who embrace the concept of sustainability and adopt and apply universal design principles. Our program aims to educate self-confident architects who have ethical and professional values and know their powers and responsibilities.

In our architectural program, there is an educational understanding that canalizes students to questioning and researching. After a cooperative and interactive process where theoretical and practical intertwining, a solid infrastructure will be created and qualified architects will be graduated. Students will have the opportunity to get a healthy education and to practice in the field in an important and dynamic historical and social environment with up to date projects, strong partnerships and advanced networks. Internships and work opportunities in a dynamic and large urban scale will provide important advantages.

The duration of the undergraduate program in architecture is 4 years. After the Higher Education Institutions Examination, the program accepts students with the Science score type. Students can benefit from the scholarship opportunities in accordance with the determined conditions.

The language of instruction is Turkish. In addition to theoretical and applied compulsory courses, there are elective courses starting from the second year. The vocational courses in different fields are carried out in various classrooms, including lecture rooms, drawing workshops, design studios and computer laboratories.

In the education process students are prepared by 2-D and 3-D expression-presentation works, workshops, basic design outputs, computer aided design products, juries, competitions, architectural project studies in all areas for the profession. Architecture education includes city trips to different settlements, construction site visits, extracurricular activities such as design, photography and travel club activities, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and seminars. In the program of architecture, an expert and competent staff in the field are assigned to give successful graduates.
Candidates who have graduated from the Architecture program receive the title of “Architect”.

There are many job opportunities and working areas for a graduate. First of all, they can give architectural design services such as architectural project services, survey, restitution, restoration services, zoning planning, manufacturing project etc. They can take responsibility for architectural implementation and management, and carry out studies under different headings in project management such as professional supervision, project and construction site coordination-planning, site responsibility, construction site architecture, architectural project and application control and supervision. As well as artistic and scientific activities, they can continue their professional studies by themselves or with partners.

Architectural services can be provided in companies, offices and many public institutions with a wide range of working areas. After graduation, they can continue their master's and doctoral studies in preferred fields of specialization. They can take part in architectural education activities and can continue their research as an academic. There are numerous domestic and foreign job opportunities in the field of architecture.