Fenerbahçe University, founded by Fenerbahçe Education, Culture and Healthcare Foundation, assumed corporate entity in parallel to the relevant Law published on the Official Gazette dated November 24th, 2016.

Starting with its academic life with 5 faculties/schools, 12 departments and 392 students in 2019-2020 curriculum year, Fenerbahçe University brought the overall occupancy rate of the University to the level of 96.3% in 2020-2021 academic year under 5 Faculties/Schools and Healthcare Services Vocational Academy with 17 departments, 10 programs and 1.150 students. In respect of its foundation period, in year 2021, total number of students of Fenerbahçe University is 1.743, comprising of associate, undergraduate programs including international students. Likewise, Graduate Education Institute has become ready in the same period to start with its graduate as well as doctorate programs. 

While our University is providing its students a pleasurable, secure and Premium quality living and education means at its campus positioned at the center of Istanbul, thanks to the cooperation with Medicana Healthcare Group and Fenerbahçe Sports Club, students make avail of practical training/apprenticeship and diversified working means as well as sports facilities.

Fenerbahçe University, reinforcing its staff including faculty members, increasing the number of English associate and undergraduate programs, restructuring its school of foreign languages and enabling its students means of being equipped with powerful foreign language learning during academic years of preparatory classes and thereafter is at the same time directing its scientific activities through the application as well as research centers opened.

Within this framework, it has been established African Studies Application and Research Center, European Studies Application and Research Center, Innovation, Technology Application and Research Center, Cyber Space Studies Application and Research Center, Continuous Training Application and Research Center, Turkish Education Application and Research Center, Remote Education Application and Research Center and Sports Researches Application and Research Center. By means of such centers, international cooperation, Project works and exchange programs are beginning to become active and effective.   

Acting in parallel to the target of internationalization, Fenerbahçe University while providing education and training means to 138 international students in the course of 2020-2021 academic year, is at the same time ongoing its path in a determined manner to become an internationally reputable university upon creating a learning ambient assuming a multi-cultured and diversified approach.

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