After arrival FBU, the first place to visit is the International Office for the direction about the registration.

Documents Required for Registration
•    The official high school diploma and the certified translation copy into Turkish or English.
•    The official transcript of records showing all courses and grades taken in the entire high school education and the certified translation copy into Turkish or English.
•    The “Equivalency Certificate”, which verifies the equivalency of your High School Diploma to a Turkish High School Diploma, can be obtained either from the Turkish Embassy at your home country or from the Ministry of Education in Turkey, after your arrival.

Please find the list of Turkish Consulates / Embassies where you can apply for equivalency certificate. 
•    Original national or International examination result
•    Original certificate of the English language proficiency test score
•    Original Turkish language test score at least B1 Level (For international students who will study in Turkish Programs)
•    Original and the copy of your passport pages including picture, identification information and visa stamp
•    Copy of the visa or residence permit
•    2 biometric photographs
•    Tuition fee payment receipt
•    Birth Certificate for Students who are under 18 years old by the time of the registration
•    Official ‘Acceptance Letter’ sent by the Fenerbahce University
•    Full coverage Health insurance. You may get further assistance from the International Students Office staff during your registration.

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