Peer Counselling & Erasmus Buddy Programme

Peer Counselling & Erasmus Buddy Programme


It is an informative event held on the opening day of the academic year for the transition to university and academic life of new students.

After the academic opening and the rector's address to the students, our students are given a campus trip within the scope of the orientation program. During this orientation tour, places such as classrooms, laboratories, library, dining hall, academic and administrative departments, social and cultural areas are introduced. Introduction presentations of academic and administrative departments are made. It continues with presentations by administrative departments on how students can benefit from university opportunities. All opportunities are offered for our students to benefit from university and campus facilities at the highest level.

In these orientation program trips; part-time working students and senior students accompany our new students as part of the peer counselling program.



Our Peer Counsellors, who have been actively involved in their departments, student councils, student clubs, university sports teams and part-time study programs, are academically successful, have advanced communication skills, and have high university affiliation, receive training at regular intervals within this program. 

Peer counsellors of 3rd and 4th grade students who have successfully completed their education provide peer counselling to our students who are new to 1st grade, preparatory students and international exchange programs.

Duties of the Peer Counsellor

  • Organize meetings with new students and introduce them to their departments/faculties,
  • They provide online and face-to-face peer counselling services,
  • They answer the questions frequently asked by students on subjects such as adapting to courses, exploring campus resources and tools, getting used to campus life at FBU,
  • They participate in training programs and meetings organized for this purpose,
  • They organize training programs and meetings with counselee groups for this purpose,
  • They help counselees to understand FBU guidelines, regulations, procedures, rules and principles,
  • They encourage new students to play a more active role in university life and campus life,
  • They direct the counselees to academic and administrative directors when necessary,
  • They direct the counselees to student clubs, sports, culture and arts teams,
  • They help with course selection and pre-counselling on the curriculum.


Some of these trainings are;

  1. Leadership and Teamwork
  2. Ethics and Social Responsibility
  3. Written, Verbal Communication and Interaction
  4. Learning to Learn, Personal and Social Development
  5. Cultural Consciousness and Expression
  6. Social and Civil Competence


The Erasmus+ buddy programme is created to help the incoming students by settling in to their new environment. Experienced students will be assigned to incoming students as buddies and by sharing their own knowledge and experiences of Istanbul student life, in particular student life at FBU, they can help incoming students with all sorts of questions and issues they might have upon arrival and during the rest of their stay in Istanbul. Erasmus+ buddies will be available for incoming students for some other questions on hot spots in Istanbul, arranging a cell phone contract, first exams, digital platforms at FBU, registration or accomodation etc. 


Every student can become a volunteer “Buddy”, all you have to do is to apply by sending an e-mail to International Relations Directorate. The students can reach the IRD via . The students who are selected as buddies should participate in buddy orientation program and be in Istanbul before incoming students’ arrival.  

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