Student Clubs

In addition to the theoretical education that students receive, Fenerbahçe University supports the development and diversity of student clubs under the education foundation, to contribute to their social and cultural development, to shed light on their lives from different perspectives, and to raise innovative, creative, entrepreneurial individuals.


Our Student Clubs

1. AFAD Volunteer Club

2. AİESEC Volunteer Club

3. Alternative Energy Systems Club

4. R&D, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club

5. Archeology, Culture, Museum, Travel Club

6. Sci-Fi Fantasy Fiction Club

7. Ice Sports Ice Skating and Curling club

8. Damla FB Club

9. Dance Club

10. Nature Sports and Travel Club

11. Language Workshop and Speaking Club

12. Digital Games-Electronics(E)-Sports Club

13. Literature Club

14. Industry Club

15. Erasmus Volunteers Club

16. Financial innovation-Economy Club

17. Photography, Comics, Cinema, and Short Film Club

18. Photography and Travel Club

19. Floorball Club

20. Journalism and New Media Club

21. Young Researchers Club

22. Folk Dance Club

23. Aviation, Space, National Technology Club

24. Event, Hobby and Organization Club

25. IEEE Club

26. Career and Development Club

27. Kızılay Club

28. Creative Brain-N Brain Club

29. Cricket Club

30. Rowing, Sailing, Canoe Club

31. Table Tennis Club

32. Mathematics Club

33. Architecture Design Club

34. Motorcycle, Automobile Race Club

35. Debate Club

36. Music Club

37. Ombudsman Club

38. Plastic Arts Club

39. Radio-Walkie Talkie-TV Club

40. Robotic Automation Club

41. Healthy Nutrition Club

42. Chess Club

43. Cyber ​​Security Club

44. Sports Organization, Event and Travel Club

45. Sports Volunteering

46. ​​Water and Underwater Sports Fener Club

47. Communication, Organization and Social Innovation Club

48. Theater, Drama, Musical Club

49. International Relations and Politics Club

50. International Students Club

51. International Internship Exchange and Mentoring Club

52. Ultra Aslan-University Club

53. Uni FEB-1907 Club

54. Üni GFB Club

55. Uni-TS Club

56. Uni-FBU Basketball Club

57. Uni-FBU Combat Sports Club

58. Uni-FBU Futsal Club

59. Uni-FBU Volleyball Club

60. Production Research Club

61. Body Building-Wellness/Fitness Club

62. Software and IT Club

63. Yeşilay-Addiction Fighting Club