International Relations Office

In line with the internationalization strategy of Fenerbahçe University, supporting and developing the international studies of the university, providing education opportunities to FBU students abroad, enabling international academic and professional studies, developing intercultural understanding, ensuring/increasing international participation in planned or initiated projects are among the work of this coordinatorship. The Directorate consists of 3 main units:


International Student Recruitment

The International Relations Directorate monitors and coordinates the application processes of international students who apply to our university for undergraduate education and conducts the selection process. In order to contribute to the internationalization strategy, it carries out international promotion activities of Fenerbahçe University in foreign trade fairs and various promotional activities.

Students who want to study at our university as an international student can reach our international office officials at for detailed information and support.


The main purpose of Erasmus + Exchange Programs is to provide the students of Fenerbahçe University the opportunity to exchange students with contracted institutions abroad.

Student mobility can take place in two ways:

• Education mobility

• Internship mobility

Fenerbahçe University provides agreements with the world's leading universities to allow one and / or two academic semesters to study as an exchange student. With the Erasmus + Exchange Program, Fenerbahçe University also provides scholarship internship opportunities in Europe.

Erasmus + Exchange Program aims to modernize education systems, develop new opportunities for young people and increase employment opportunities and is funded by the European Union.


International Bilateral Cooperations

Fenerbahçe University works on the participation of students and academics in international projects, exchange programs, conferences and seminars in order to acquire and increase academic and sectoral competencies. In this context, it develops bilateral collaborations with the world's leading universities so that they can experience different cultures and learning. Depending on the scope of the agreements, students studying at Fenerbahçe University are enabled to study at partner universities through exchange programs.

Erasmus+ ve diğer uluslararası programlar için e-mail adresinden bizlere ulaşabilirsiniz.


Applications for Exchange Programs

The application process for exchange programs is announced by the International Relations Directorate through e-mail, student notice boards and the website. You can follow the exchange program call dates opened by the International Relations Directorate, through the announcements section of the international office website on the relevant website. Students can make their applications by following the necessary steps of the announced application process.



Contracted Dormitories

Within the framework of the solution partnership between Fenerbahçe University and Evim Student Dormitories, Evim Dormitories will serve Fenerbahçe University students as of 2019-2020 academic year.

Offers three different accommodation options: Bostancı Kız Yurdu, Kadıköy Kız Yurdu and Kadıköy Hostel.

Internal Affairs Office

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