Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

Our faculty is composed of International Finance and Banking, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, Management and Informations Systems, Psyhcology and Engilish Language and Literature programs which are both in Turkish and English. These programs provide a notion of social sciences within the interdisciplinary approach and by the help of digital facilities. We aim to give our students analitic and critical thinking skills.

Faculty of Communications

Our faculty aims to graduate its students competent in communication field, equipped to adapt to the developments in the world, conducting R & D studies for the use of artificial intelligence in the field of communication, realizing joint projects for integrating the internet into communication processes, and being aware of the professional ethics, has understood the importance of providing the right information to the masses as the 4th force and as minds and conscience free individuals.

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

Our faculty consists of Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Departments. The Department of Computer Engineering is formed by taking into consideration the national and regional labor force requirements as well as the criteria defined by the international academic and professional organizations in the occupational groups, where knowledge and skills are related to current development, change and diversification and where lifelong education is compulsory. The Department of Industrial Engineering is an advantageous department with an increasing importance of Industry 4.0, globalization, with the increasing importance given to improving efficiency, efficacy and productivity in manufacturing and service sectors, with the need for agile and lean systems.

Faculty of Health Sciences

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation aims to be a department that can have a voice in national and international areas, is productive, protective, corrective, enhancer, respects professional values, acts in accordance with ethical principles in scientific data and evidence-based studies, regulates the needs and demands of patients, their families, healthy persons and the society as a whole in line with the needs of today and the future, and conducts studies to minimize physical disability and cares to improve quality of life and health.

Faculty of Sport Sciences

Sports Sciences Faculty, founded on the facilities located in Ataşehir and Kızıltoprak Dereağzı campuses, aims to raise the quality of education in the field of sports sciences, and aims to develop innovative, directing, participatory students in the field of sports technologies.The Faculty consists of Physical Education and Sports Teaching, Sports Coaching , Sports Management and Recreation Departments.

Vocational School of Health Services

ORTHODONTICS Awareness of being healthy has increased with the education and culture level developing in our country. The field of oral and dental health is one of the sectors that have developed and attracted attention in recent years. In the advancing dentistry profession, it is difficult for a dentist to ideally manage a clinic alone. In this respect, the dental assistant is of great importance. Today, proper execution of dental services is possible with the help of scientifically equipped personnel with the necessary training and skill levels and teamwork. Similar practices are carried out in developed countries. Orthodontics Program anticipates to meet the needs of our country's health technician in this field and to reach an international level of knowledge in the respected, qualified, contemporary and dental health field preferred in the public and private sectors. Graduates of Orthodontics program are dentistry clinic assistants who will assist the patient during treatment, assist the dentist in dental polyclinics, conduct laboratory stages, prepare the necessary environment for all the clinical work of the dentist in private practice, dental or polyclinics of public or private persons. Students who graduate from this program can work in the dental health departments of public and / or private hospitals, dental clinics, and companies that provide technical equipment on dental health as "Oral and Dental Health Technician". ANESTHESIA Anesthesia Program trains medical staff gained the knowledge and ability to prepare the necessary anesthesia and anesthesia applications according to the physician's instructions during the operation, to keep the application records, to follow the vital functions and to provide the patient follow-up and control after surgery. Graduates from this program can work in units such as clinic, polyclinic, laboratory, operating room and emergency room in public and private health institutions. In addition, IVF centers are among the study areas. Students who will choose Fenerbahçe University Anesthesia Program will continue their education in experienced academic staff and technologically equipped laboratories. Those who graduate from this program are given the title of "Anesthesiologist". OPERATING ROOM SERVICES Surgery is one of the most frequently used treatment methods with the rapid development of technology and increasing variety of applications. Due to the fact that surgical interventions are applied and preferred more than previous years, qualified technicians who can work as intermediate staff in this field are needed. The development of surgical technologies and techniques, patient safety and the prominence of patient rights have made it necessary to open an operating room services program. The purpose of the program is to train operating room technicians who are sensitive to people, society and ethical principles, gained proficiency in their profession, trained in a universal quality, with high communication skills, qualified to assist surgery in all surgeries, equipped with professional knowledge and skills. Operating Room Technicians are well-equipped technical health personnel who directly take part in the operation and support the application in order to make the tools and materials used in the operating rooms ready for surgery, to supply the surgical team during the surgery and to make the operating room environment suitable for the operation. Graduates of the department can work as “operating room technician” in the operating rooms within the health institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors. DENTAL PROSTHESIS TECHNOLOGY Prosthetic Dentistry is the science and art of completing one or more missing teeth and related missing tissues to restore lost function and aesthetics. In this field, scientific and clinical responsibility belongs to the Dentist and the responsibility of the laboratory stages belongs to the dental technician. Well-trained dental technicians have a great share in successful prosthetic treatment. The Dental Prosthetic Technology program trains qualified “Dental Prosthetic Technicians” who can carry out the laboratory studies of the prosthetic treatment planned by the dentist using up-to-date technology and the best materials. Dental prosthesis technician is a healthcare professional who performs or assists laboratory studies of mobile and fixed dental and jaw prostheses applied to the chin and face area according to the treatment plan planned by the dentist to restore lost teeth and their functions. Dental prosthesis technicians working under the responsibility of the dentist make the prepared dental prosthesis ready for use, repair the prosthesis that has broken or cracked in any way, and perform the cleaning of the devices and tools it uses. Students who graduate from this program can work as dental prosthesis technician in public and / or private hospital dental departments, laboratories of dental clinics, private dental laboratories, companies in the field of dental health, and open their own laboratories. DIALYSIS The dialysis process removes waste such as excess sodium and liquid from the patient's body and regulates the levels of chemicals such as potassium, sodium and bicarbonate in the blood. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Qualified healthcare professionals who support treatment in dialysis units are needed. Dialysis Technician is the healthcare staff who performs applications according to the instructions of the physician and informs patients and their relatives about dialysis treatment in the stages of taking dialysis treatment, following up, treating and ending dialysis procedures. Graduates from this program work in the hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis units and private dialysis centers of public and private hospitals. Those who graduate from the Dialysis Program are given the title of “Dialysis Technician”. PHIYSOTHERAPY Physical therapy is a sector that is constantly developing and renewing itself with technological development. The increase in the number of individuals with congenital or acquired disabilities has also increased the need for qualified personnel to assist the Physiotherapist in the field of rehabilitation. The aim of the Physiotherapy Program is to train qualified physiotherapy technicians who are equipped with modern knowledge and skills, have advanced research and problem solving skills, have cultural knowledge and communication, care about human health and ethical values, and are equipped with technical issues. Graduates of the program work as Physiotherapy Technicians in university and state hospitals, private hospitals, health centers and SPA / thermal facilities, especially in physical therapy and rehabilitation departments and clinics. Physiotherapy Technicians prepare the patient for physical therapy in the units they work, under the supervision of the relevant specialist doctors and physiotherapists, prepare the necessary treatment in accordance with the directives of the physiotherapists, prepare the physiotherapy devices, tools and maintain the devices. Students who have completed their associate education are given the title of “Physiotherapy Technician”. FIRST AND EMERGENCY AID It is important to be able to provide emergency care and rescue services to the patient or injured before the hospital, to be careful and calm, to determine the condition of the patient or the injured with appropriate communication skills, and to apply the correct medical intervention. To do all this, first-aid and paramedic employees who are well trained are needed. First and Emergency Aid Technician is a healthcare personnel providing first aid treatment and care services during illness or accident, carrying out medical interventions that save life and disability until the main treatment of the patient, and ensuring safe transportation of the patient to the hospital by ambulance. Graduates of the program can work in the emergency departments of public and private hospitals, land, air and sea ambulances, 112 emergency stations and command and control centers, as well as in any institutions that require first aid. Students who successfully complete their education in the First Aid and Emergency Aid program are given the title of "First and Emergency Aid Technician" or "Paramedic".  RADIOTHERAPY The aim of the radiotherapy program is to train qualified assistant health personnel who can work in radiation oncology centers, help radiation oncologists and control the machines and equipment, and have the knowledge and skills to perform radiation treatment and simulation through mask, patient position pattern, lead block, patient preparation and simulation procedures. With the education they receive, the students will be able to gain competence to carry out tasks such as opening the devices to be used in radiotherapy, making the calibrations ready for work with the education they receive, the application of ionizing radiation therapy, maintenance of the devices, maintenance and proper operation of the program according to the measurements and calculations of the radiation physicist, notifying the chief or expert about any failures as soon as possible. Radiotherapy applications are generally carried out in the relevant departments of university and public hospitals and radiotherapy departments are widely available in private hospitals. Therefore, the employment fields of radiotherapy technicians are wide. Graduates can easily find jobs in these institutions. Those who graduate after training from this program are given the title of “Radiotherapy Technician”. MEDICAL IMAGING TECHNIQUES Early diagnosis and treatment of diseases is extremely important for the society to be composed of healthy individuals. It is possible for medical imaging methods to reach their target efficiently with the presence of a well-trained team. The purpose of the Medical Imaging Techniques program is to train health technicians who perform the imaging of certain parts of the patient's body and make them ready for use by using the examination and radiological methods required by the physicians as a result of the examination of the patient. Graduates can work in hospitals' units such as x-ray, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, vascular angio, nonvascular interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy departments, private imaging centers and practices. Medical imaging technicians, working under the supervision of specialist physicians, can also find jobs in university hospitals, public and private treatment institutions, and private sector radiology units. Students who graduate from the program are given the title of “Medical Imaging Technician”. MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUES Medical Laboratory Techniques program is one of the most interested associate degree programs in recent years. The aim of the program is to train staff who make medical analyzes in all departments of diagnosis and treatment laboratories such as biochemistry, hematology, microbiology, blood bank, genetics, endocrinology within the health institutions. During the education, students take the basic medical sciences courses as well as vocational courses such as biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, laboratory methods and calculations, pathology, genetics, hematology, endocrine, and by completing all the professional practices and internships in the program and they graduate with the title of “Medical Laboratory Technician”. Graduates work in all medical laboratories within the health institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors, in research centers of other health institutions, public health institutes and food industry enterprises. They make biochemical, microbiological, pathological and hematological analyzes of medical materials using laboratory equipment, machinery, tools and equipment in the laboratories and branches they work.

Foreign Languages Department

Fenerbahce University, which aims at raising individuals who are qualified, social, beneficial and competent in global platforms, has set up a Foreign Language Preparatory School in order to prepare for the programs taught in foreign languages. Two (2) Half-Term language courses are offered for students enrolled in foreign language programs or who apply for the on-demand language training.

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