Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The life expectancy has been prolonged, with the increase in health awareness. Therefore, all health practices from birth to death have gained more importance. The concept of healthy and long life which is important all over the world makes that physiotherapists, who practice protective practices, treat and improve performance, have become an important and needed occupation group.

Fenerbahçe University Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation; It aims to train physiotherapists who work for the health of everyone, help patients manage pain, support the prevention of diseases, aim to increase functional capacity, adopt the principles of preventive rehabilitation and improve health, who are researcher, who can work in interdisciplinary cooperation, and who are health professionals.

In our department, it is aimed to train physiotherapists who have acquired basic knowledge, developed clinical skills, can reach universal knowledge with analytical thinking, develop new productions, are aware of their professional rights and responsibilities and adhere to ethical values.

Young people who will choose the profession of physiotherapist, which is sacred like any profession that serves human health, will witness happiness such as the start of a baby who cannot walk, the return of an athlete who cannot run, and the writing of a paralyzed patient who cannot use his hand.

As the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, we are pleased to invite you to our department where we will teach in a contemporary and modern environment with our innovative, productive, researcher, dynamic teaching staff and equipped laboratories consisting of up-to-date technology-based devices used all over the world.

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