Message From The Rector

Message From The Rector

Dear members of the Fenerbahçe family and our precious students; 

As Fenerbahçe University, we set off with the vision of bringing a new perspective to the Turkish higher education system.

As the face of the great Fenerbahçe community reflected on higher education, we set off with the mission our glorious heritage has imposed on us.

We have adopted a different university approach, combining science with art and design, enriching it with culture, and deepening it with our national values.

As a young and dynamic academic initiative, we brought a new color to the higher education system.

We have reflected not only our elbow grease but also our hope, excitement, goodwill, and all the beauties we receive from our people.

The correctness of science, the beauty of art, the depth of culture, the greatness of morality, and the virtue of being human have become our guide.

We are representatives of an academic approach that presents the values ​​of this country to humanity by combining it with the abundance of this land.

In a short time, we will become an international brand by gaining a respectable place among the most successful universities in our country.

We will be one of the leading universities in Turkey to realize the fourth-generation university approach.

We aim at an assertive position in internationally prestigious ranking indexes by measuring our achievements over international criteria.

We are aware that we are at the beginning of this determined journey that extends to perfection.

Mesleğine aşkla bağlanan ekibimizle, geleceğin Türkiye’sini kuracak nesillerin yetiştirilmesi temel misyonumuzdur.

Come and be a partner in this mission.

Take your place on this blessed journey that will take Turkey to the future.

Join the Fenerbahçe community.

Anyone who adopts scientific thought as a principle, values ​​human life and is a patriot will find something for themself here.

Anyone who wants to experience all the beauties of Istanbul by integrating with the city and build a bright personal career in the city will enjoy being different here.

If you want to reach the future without taking a break from the rhythm of life, this is your place.

You are worh it and it will be better with you.


Prof. Dr. Fatma KANCA


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