Graduation Roadmap

Graduation Roadmap

Conditions Required To Be Fulfilled By The Student For Graduation

  • Student is required to have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum (course plan) and awarded at least 120 AKTS in the matriculated associate program, at least 240 AKTS in the 4-year undergraduate program, 300 AKTS in the 5-year undergraduate program and at least 360 AKTS in the 6-year undergraduate program.
  • General grade point average should be at least 2.00/4.00.
  • If there is any mandatory apprenticeship practice in his/her program, this should have been completed as well.


Procedures To Be Conducted By The Matriculated Faculty/Professional School Of Higher Education


  • At the end of every semester, academic advisors review the transcripts of those students at the stage of graduation, graduation status of those students entitled to being graduated are approved over OİS (Student Affairs Information System) and transmitted to the Faculty/Vocational School Of Higher Education’s Secretarial Office.
  • Board of Directors of the relevant Unit examines and reviews whether or not all prerequisites are fulfilled for graduating and thereafter resolve for his/her graduation.
  • Relevant graduation decision is conveyed to the Student Affairs Directorate.


Procedures To Be Performed By The Student Affairs Directorate


  • At the Student Affairs Directorate, party responsible for the relevant Faculty/Vocation School of Higher Education checks/controls the decision and in case of detecting no mistake or deficiency to that effect, makes the student eligible for graduation over OİS.
  • Student whose graduation process is completed and concluded, is awarded by the Student Affairs Directorate a diploma as well as diploma supplement.
  • Student at graduation status throughout the process of diploma preparation, receives temporary graduation certificate over e-government. 


Essential Notes


  • Diploma Supplement and Diploma are awarded and provided exclusively to the student in person, whenever it is requested to be given to any third parties, it is required to be submitted duly notarized power of attorney.
  • Diploma Supplement and Diploma are not possibly sent/forwarded via mail.

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