International Cooperation and Exchange Programs

International Cooperation and Exchange Programs

Exchange Programmes

Fenerbahçe University works through the participation of students and academicians in international exchange programmes in order to acquire and increase academic and sectoral skills. In this context, FBU develops bilateral collaborations with the world's leading universities so that the students and academicians can experience different cultures and education system. Depending on the scope of the agreements, it is possible for students at Fenerbahçe University to study at partner universities with exchange programs. For exchange programmes other than Erasmus + Exchange Programmes, you can contact


Applications to Exchange Programs

The application process for exchange programs is announced by the International Relations Directorate via e-mail, student bulletin boards and the website. Exchange program call dates to be opened by the International Relations Directorate can be followed in the Exchange Programs calls section on the relevant website. Students can apply by following the necessary steps during the application process.


International Agreements

Fenerbahçe University continues its preparation and implementation plans in order to make cooperation, agreements and protocols with higher education institutions and other organizations in the international arena. During this process, many universities from different countries were contacted by the International Relations Directorate, and the process is continuing for new collaborations.

The International Relations Directorate provides support and coordinates the relevant units in the preparation and execution stages of associate, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs to be carried out with universities on going in bilateral cooperation. In particular, FBU is in contact with the universities on abroad for the development of the university's programs such as dual diploma, joint department, diploma completion.

As the next stage, strategic plans are made with the universities to be cooperated in order to make agreements such as student exchange, joint project, personnel exchange agreement, joint conference protocol, project partnership protocols and the process is aimed to be implemented as soon as possible.

The rules and principles to be applied for determining the students/staff who will participate in the exchange programme within the scope of agreements/protocols will be determined within the limits published by the relevant institutions.

Membership applications and information updates in relations with international organizations are followed by correspondence.


Short-Term Training Programmes

Short-Term Training Programmes, in which international students can actively participate, is a study carried out by Fenerbahçe University Continuing Education Center.

Short-Term Training Programs are a valuable investment thanks to the advantages they can proive to people during their careers. As trainees progress in their careers, they should follow up-to-date trainings to continue to take advantage of the benefits the program has to offer.

Details regarding the Short-Term Training Programmes are announced by the Continuing Education Center via e-mail, student notice boards and the website.

Grade Change Tables

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