Alumni Unit

Alumni Unit


Although we have not yet any graduates as Fenerbahçe University, it has been established under organization of the University, Fenerbahçe University Alumni Office (FENERMOF) functioning directly to the Rector’s Office.

Duties of the Office comprise of the following:

  1. Dealing with activities for enhancing cooperation, assistance and solidarity by and between the alumni, organizing social, cultural and scientific activities towards fulfillment of such a purpose,
  2. Providing support to activities towards cooperation and assistance by and between academic and administrative units within organization of the University and the Student Council as well as with the alumni through student clubs,
  3. Establishing alumni data management system and curriculum vitae data base introducing the alumni, containing their communication particulars, monitoring changes in their social status and career progress, generating a data pool in relation with the alumni,
  4. Providing support to the graduation ceremonies of the University, ensuring that alumni, alumni associations and foundations participate in and give support to these ceremonies,
  5. Regularly informing the alumni about the activities of the University and dealing with activities promoting contribution of the alumni to the University,
  6. In order to enable the graduates arrive at influential positions in business life, making joint works with the Career Center, dealing with joint activities organized by and between public entities and institutions, professional agencies, non-government organizations and private sector enterprises where graduates are holding executive positions, yearning to make such entities and organizations provide support to the University as well as the students,
  7. Organizing seminars, congresses, symposiums, panels, conferences, workshops and course programs towards the graduates in subjects like “professional development”, “career management”, “vocational health and labor security”, “foreign language”, “use of technology”, “new professions”, providing support to the organization of these types of programs and upon acknowledging the graduates in these respects, ensuring their participation,
  8. In respect of matters concerning the area of activity, conducting joint operations with both national as well as international institutions, realizing projects, attempting for membership of the University in these types of institutions as and when deemed necessary, taking part in national and international events and activities, promoting participation and attendance of the alumni as well,
  9. Publishing printed as well as visual materials in respect of matters concerning the area of activity, preparing materials like alumni guidebook and alumni directory, making programs on radio and television channels, theatres and such other visual platforms,
  10. Procuring and providing any and all kinds of data, documents and publications in respect of matters concerning its field of operations, establishing a documentation center, dealing with scientific research, preparing reports to that effect and giving support to scientific research activities,
  11. In order to ensure contribution of the alumni to the students, to enter into joint activities with the Career Center, dealing with activities for ensuring that Alumni Foundations and Associations give awards and prizes to the students, making joint operations with the Scholarships Office to promote the same to give scholarships to the students,
  12. Organizing events honoring those alumni providing special contribution to the University,
  13. Subject to obtaining necessary permissions and authorizations, dealing with collecting donations and giving practices, accepting donations both locally as well as from abroad,
  14. Spending effort to ensure that University’s alumni make avail at convenient conditions, from facilities operated by various institutions of the public or private sector,
  15. Causing to be produced and crafted various gift items and accessories related to the University such as badges, pins, pictures, calendars and introduce these to the use of the alumni.




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