Pharmacy Services


Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy Services Program, which was newly established within the body of Fenerbahçe University Vocational School of Health Services and whose education language is Turkish, aims at quality in education and provide services in all areas related to the pharmacy profession, especially pharmacy, hospital, medical products and pharmaceutical sector and pharmaceutical warehouses. aims to train "Pharmacist Technician" who are well-equipped in the field of health.

Pharmacist Technician; It is the healthcare personnel who provide public health services in the pharmacy and hospital pharmacy, who help the pharmacist in the preparation and correct presentation of the prescriptions under the supervision of the pharmacist, keeping the pharmacy records, and communicating with the patients. In addition, they are the educated personnel who work in the medical and pharmaceutical sector as intermediate staff. In pharmaceutical warehouses; These are the personnel who assist the pharmacist who is the responsible manager of the pharmaceutical warehouse during the storage processes of the finished product.

The aim of this program is to train educated intermediate staff who gain professional knowledge theoretically and practically, use up-to-date information and communication technologies, and thus to provide them give a better quality health service to the society.

 The required internship periods must be completed in order for the students to graduate with the necessary knowledge and equipment. Our students will be offered internship opportunities in pharmacies, pharmaceutical warehouses, Medicana Hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our graduates can work in pharmacies, public and private hospitals, pharmacy warehouses, medical sector and pharmaceutical industry as well-educated Pharmacist Technician who can use information and communication technologies.


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