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Faydalı Bilgiler


Fenerbahçe University Fact Sheet 2021-2022

Institutional Details

Name of Institution

Fenerbahçe University





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Campus address

Atatürk Mahallesi, Ataşehir Bulvarı, Metropol İstanbul, 34758, Ataşehir - İstanbul

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Means For International Mobility

Fenerbahçe University students have the opportunity to know different cultures and experience education abroad in areas ranging from engineering, media, sports sciences, social sciences and healthcare sciences; long term or short-term training/education facilities, scholarships as well as fulfilling practical work abroad.

Within framework of internationalization, modernization and international cooperation, means provided by Fenerbahçe University, in parallel to the activities realized together with international non-governmental organizations, multi-national companies, international research and business development institutions, our students are enabled to start with their professional careers adequately equipped to meet the expectations of a global world.

FBU internalizes internationalization experiences of our students, supporting their individual, social and academic developments, and being a global research force as a university with the target of bringing up individuals properly, developing innovative and creative thought and focusing on scientific development.

Fenerbahçe University is opening its doors wide open to students from various countries under its associate and undergraduate departments in 5 different Faculties and 1 Vocational School as well as the graduate and doctorate programs presented in our institutes.

Exchange Contact

International Relations Directorate



Erasmus+ Academic Coordinators



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Documents to be submitted

Filled application form and the below listed documents shall be sent to  international@fbu.edu.tr


  • Application Documents
  • Application Form
  • Official Transcript
  • Passport Photocopy
  • Learning Agreement for Studies
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship
  • English/Turkish Certificate (Issued by sending institution)
  • Nominee Letter (Issued by sending institution)


Language Requirements

Students who want to benefit from exchange programs within the scope of this program must prove that their language level is at least B1 (CEFR) in accordance with the IIA’s. FBU undertakes to establish an equally applicable foreign language level determination criterion for all applicants within the framework of the criteria determined by the National Agency, and that it will request the same (or equivalent exam score) document/exam result from all students at the application stage. Additionally, selected participants will be required to take the OLS assessments before departure and after the mobility.


Practical Information

National Holidays






Note: All holidays except Republic Day are one day. Republic Day is one and half day. The half day starts in the afternoon of the previous day.

January 1:       New Year's Day

April 23:         National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

May 1:            Labour and Solidarity Day

May 19:          Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day

July 15:           Commemoration of the Democracy Victory and the Marthyr's Day

August 30:      Victory Day

October 29:    Republic Day


Visa Procedures and Assistance

As for visa and resident permit rules for foreigners, Erasmus students can enter Turkey on a tourist visa and apply for a residence permit for students.

All Erasmus students must apply for a residence permit to stay legally in Turkey. Students must complete their application online within thirty days of their arrival in Turkey. Students can find the link for the online application and can get the detailed information our Erasmus program officers at FBU.



Resident Permit Application Steps and The Required Documents:

  • The online application form must be filled in with a signature.
  • Students need to show their Passport Copy’s ID page and each page processed.
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Medical Insurance for short term student visa application
  • Student Certificate taken from FBU and shows that you are an active student at FBU
  • Student Certificate from Erasmus and EU Programs Unit
  • Proof of the Resident Permit fee paid document. The residence permit fee should be paid at the Tax office (Vergi dairesi) and get a tax number.

* Before filling out the online application form please be sure that the documents mentioned above is ready.

The Immigration Office will post the Residence Permit to the address indicated in the online application form within 90 days after the application.

Turkish Migration Office Address: Hırka-i Şerif Mahallesi, Adnan Menderes Blv. No:64, 34091 Fatih/İstanbul


Transportation Card

Students can get a discounted transportation card - İstanbul card. Students can use İstanbul card while travelling by public transportation (buses, subway, ferries, metrobuses). There is also a mobile application for İstanbul Card.

To apply for the card, students have to prepare the following documents: 1 Photo; 10 TL card fee; Student Certificate


Our University is allowing our students live and experience city university concept at its Ataşehir Campus. Thanks to the central location of the campus, students are being provided with cultural and social life facilities, an active environment. The university is at an accessible location to the transportation networks.

Our such central location is enabling us accessing with ease to the youth hostels affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In addition, there are several public and private student hostels and dormitories in close vicinity of Fenerbahçe University.

The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate (HCSD) is a mechanism that develops and implements programs for our students to adapt to university life in cooperation with all units, seeks solutions to practical, academic and administrative problems they may encounter.

The Health, Culture and Sports Directorate (HCSD) will inform students about campus, social life, sports&cultural activities as well as supporting students in meeting their accommodation needs and will provide off campus housing information for the exchange program participants.

HCSD Contact Details: sks@fbu.edu.tr


Cost of Living

Istanbul is an economically, socially, and culturally diverse and rich city. It would not be misleading to say that the cost of living in a city with these qualities will be high. However, like every metropolis, Istanbul also has opportunities to enable a university student to live at affordable costs without reducing the quality of life.

The estimated monthly cost of living (nutrition, transportation, etc.) of a university student can vary between 1200 TL and 2000 TL on average. The cost of accommodation varies according to the region and accommodation type. Academic expenses can be approximately 100 TL per month, except for the special needs required by the program (book, photocopy, etc.).


Mobile Phone Companies

There are several mobile communication operators in Turkey. You can find some useful info in English from the commonly mobile phone companies’ websites below.






The official currency used in Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL) and both Visa and Mastercards are widely accepted in Turkey. And most people rely on their credit cards and/or international debit cards to pay for goods and services and to withdraw cash.

Please visit http://www.tcmb.gov.tr to find out current exchange rates for the Turkish Lira.


Health Insurance

The health insurance that should cover all costs is needed during the mobility and should be valid in Turkey. You may choose one of the health insurance options below:

- General Health Insurance by Turkish Social Security Institution

- Social Security agreements between certain countries and Turkish Social Security Institution

- A private insurance company in home country

- A private insurance company in Turkey

Language courses

FBU is providing incoming students free Turkish language courses at FBU Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centre (FBÜ TÖMER). Participants in the centre’s language education program learn about the life, culture, and intellectual heritage of the Turkish society through the Turkish education program. A student-centred education approach is preferred in education programs planned with modern language teaching techniques. In addition, students can find the opportunity to get to know different cultures in multinational classes.



Welcome Week

Orientation and welcoming activities will be provided by IRD. Follow the announcements for the relevant dates.



Peer Counselling & Erasmus+ Buddy Programme



Students with special needs




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